adding support for hardened toolchain

Heiko Zuerker
Wed Dec 29 22:30:00 GMT 2010

Quoting "Yann E. MORIN" <>:

> Heiko, All,
> On Wednesday 29 December 2010 21:44:40 Heiko Zuerker wrote:
>> Quoting "Yann E. MORIN" <>:
>> > Yet, you can use that to test your patches integration, as a begining.
>> I use the existing features of ct-ng to apply the patches after the
>> ones you supply out of the box. Everything seems to work fine.
> Good! :-)
>> > This would have to be split in two parts:
>> > - first, the generic additional patch dir handling
>> > - second the new hardened patches directory
>> > This should not be very complex to do, I think.
>> Yes and once the framework is created, it will be really easy to add
>> new features which rely on patches.
> Yes, but not too many, I hope. It would be absolutely impossible to maintain
> if too many (say 2 or 3) feature-patchsets were to be added. Remember that
> patches will be applied in sequence, and if a patch from a previous feature
> is required before another feature, then you're screwed. Unless we have
> dependencies on feature sets. Which wil be horrible.

I absolutely agree.
I hate maintaining patches, that's why we keep them at an absolute  
minimum in DL. They have the tendency of not working once you start  
updating software.

>> >> I know it works under x86 based architecture, but don't have any other
>> >> hardware available to do any testing with.
>> >
>> > Qemu might come handy in this case.
>> I'll have to take a look at that some time in the future.
>> Right now all my available time goes into getting buildroot and ct-ng
>> in shape so I can use it as a build platform for Devil-Linux.
> You are aware that buildroot can use crosstool-NG as a toolchain backend,
> aren't you? It's not finished, but it kind of works. I yet have some stuff
> to push upstream...

Yes, I'm waiting for the implementation to be complete.
By using the 'external toolchain', I don't have to wait to recompile  
everything when I clean everything up.

Oh speaking off, buildroot always wants to use the lib64 directoy  
which is missing in the newly compiled ct-ng toolchain. I usually have  
to create the symlink in the sysroot dir.


   Heiko Zuerker

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