patch for crosstool-ng to allow easier use of 3rd party patches

Heiko Zuerker
Sun Dec 19 15:41:00 GMT 2010


Quoting "Yann E. MORIN" <>:
> Heiko,
> [Please CC the list next time.]

Will do

> On Saturday 18 December 2010 22:19:36 Heiko Zuerker wrote:
>> attached you find a patch for crosstool-ng 1.9.1.
>> It removes the -F1 from the patch command, since it prevented a lot of
>> patches from being able to be applied (namely the Gentoo gcc patches).
>> In addition to that, I added some code which detects with -pX level is
>> required to correctly apply the patch.
> Nope. I do not want to rely on magic when applying the patches. They have
> to be applied as -p1 patches.

I don't really agree with this way of approaching things. In my mind  
this just adds unnecessary complication and steps to the process of  
adding patches.
But it's your tool, you have the final decision.

How about the -F1?
You're using it in both the and in the functions file.
The patches I'm using don't apply with this setting. The patches  
aren't mine (see below) and I don't have the skill to rewrite them.

> If you have a set of patches that do not apply with -p1, then you can have
> a look at scripts/ It's purpose is exactly that: transform
> a patchset of non-p1 patches into -p1 patches.
> It is not documented, but the API is:
> <basedir> <src> <dst> [diff_opts ...]
> where:
>  basedir       points to the extracted component to patch
>  src           points to the existing patchset to transform
>  dst           points to the directory where to put transformed patches
>  diff_opts     optional options to pass to diff
> Then, once your patchset has been transformed, you can put it into your
> local patch directory.

Unfortunately I didn't get anywhere with the script.
These are the patches I'm trying to apply:


   Heiko Zuerker

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