[PATCH] Provide CFLAGS/LDFLAGS for host tools

Andy Gibbs andyg1001@hotmail.co.uk
Tue Dec 7 13:02:00 GMT 2010


Attached to this email is a patch for crosstool that will allow the user to 
specify additional CFLAGS and LDFLAGS that are applicable to building the 
executables which run on the host (not the target!) -- this means gcc and 
the companion libraries.  At the moment it does not include the companion 
tools (e.g. m4, autoconf, etc.), but this can easily be added if necessary.

An extra section named "Host options" has been added to the configuration 
menu.  The contents of CT_HOST_CFLAGS and CT_HOST_LDFLAGS are then passed 
into the configure scripts for the companion libraries and gcc.


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