FATAL: kernel too old

Andrew Haley aph@redhat.com
Fri Oct 30 14:21:00 GMT 2009

naveen yadav wrote:

> I have made a cross compiler for ARM target.
> On host i have fedore core -8. (Linux localhost.localdomain
> ). I am using crosstool-NG script to Build this
> toolchain.
> I have used gcc 4.3.4,
> binutils 1.91
> glibc 2.8
> kernel header 2.6.30
> I have able to make cross tool and able to make executable.
> when i run this program on my ARM target which is having kernel
> 2.6.30(compiled with tollchain from codesourcery 4.3.4) running i am
> getting
> "FATAL: kernel too old"
> Can you pls suggest what is issue.

This is glibc telling you that the kernel you're trying to use is too
old for that version of glibc.

I'm rather surprised this is happening, as the kernel version should have
been detected when you built glibc.


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