gcc 4.3.2 on host cygwin, target x86_64 linux

Luciano luciano@joublanc.com
Wed Oct 14 23:28:00 GMT 2009

I am using ct-ng 1.5.0 to build a cross compiler on my vista PC to
cross compile for my linux laptop.

It fails when building binutils. Complains about file
eelf_x86_64.c:170 parse error before string constant (attached - along
with logs and config). I'm not sure but it appears that it's missing
an escaped newline at the end.

    167   .debug_ranges   0 : { *(.debug_ranges) }\n\
    168   .gnu.attributes 0 : { KEEP (*(.gnu.attributes)) }\n\
    169 }\n\n"
>>170   ; else if (link_info.relocatable) return
    171 "/* Script for ld -r: link without relocation */\n\
    172 OUTPUT_FORMAT(\"elf64-x86-64\", \"elf64-x86-64\",\n\
    173               \"elf64-x86-64\")\n\
    174 OUTPUT_ARCH(i386:x86-64)\n\

Is there anyone out there who is doing something similar, using
cygwin? Can you tell me what the recommended cygwin version is for
using crosstool-ng? I have a feeling that some of the utils are
buggered (maybe sed/awk/grep?). I am using the latest stable release
1.5.0, but I know that 1.7.0 is in beta at the moment. Anyone used
this to successfully build a toolchaing?

Thanks in advance,

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