Packaging crosstool-ng

Oron Peled
Wed Oct 14 08:46:00 GMT 2009


I've started packaging CT-NG for Fedora. The current results
are in

Checking the results with rpmlint, I did some cleanups:
1. The populate script was configured during toolchain build.
   I moved most of this to configuration time, like other .in
   files. The only thing that's still postponed to toolchain build
   is CT_TARGET substitution.
   This change is contained in the attached patch.

2. Two scripts have 644 permissions instead of 755:
   I changed it in my package, but IMO it should be done in the
   upstream tarball.

3. There are other 3 "scripts" with 644 perms:
   I didn't change their permissions, as they are actually
   templates used to generate scripts. Just making them
   executable to silence rpmlint does not seem right to me.
   Hmmm.... re-thinking of this, the populate script also
   belong to the same category, so maybe I shouldn't have
   made it executable in the new Makefile.

What do you think?

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