Installing crosstool-ng fails on Debian

Hendrik Sattler
Fri Oct 9 21:10:00 GMT 2009


the configure script of crosstool-ng 1.5 is not able to find bash on a current 
Debian testing:
$ ./configure --prefix=/opt/toolchains/
Checking for 'grep'... /bin/grep                                                        
Checking whether '/bin/grep' supports -E... yes                                         
Checking for 'sed'... /bin/sed                                                          
Checking whether '/bin/sed' supports -i and -e... yes                                   
Checking for 'bash'... no                                                               

bash 3.1 or above was not found

Either you are missing entirely the needed tool,
or the version you have is too old.             
You can give the path to this tool using: --with-bash=PATH

configure: Bailing out...
$ dpkg -l bash
ii  bash            4.0-4             The GNU Bourne Again SHell                                                            

Using --with-bash=/bin/bash works for configure but the resulting Makefile has 
bash=@@bash@@ set and many installed files also. This make ct-ng fail 
completely. I fixed it locally by modifying Makefile and running make again. 
Still, lib/ct-ng-1.5.0/ had still the @@bash@@ after installation. 
After fixing that, "ct-ng works".

I want to use crosstool-ng to build a toolchain for the AVR NGW100 board :)


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