x86 cross toolchain and pthread_* weak symbols

Lionel Landwerlin llandwerlin@gmail.com
Mon Nov 30 21:12:00 GMT 2009

Hi all,

I'm using crosstool-ng to generate a cross toolchain for an x86 target
(nothing too exciting...) and I'm kind of disappointed because I get
some pthread_* weak symbols inside my toolchain :

         w __pthread_getspecific
         w __pthread_key_create
         w __pthread_once
         w __pthread_setspecific

I'm wondering why I don't have these weak symbols on my host system
(debian unstable) which is an x86 too, and using the same toolchain
(both using gcc-4.3.4 + eglibc-2.10/nptl, but binutils 2.19 in my cross
toolchain, 2.20 on my host system).

Thanks for your responses.


Lionel Landwerlin

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