crosstool-NG build fails

Ladislav Michl
Sun Nov 22 21:49:00 GMT 2009

On Sun, Nov 22, 2009 at 04:11:04PM -0500, piper.guy1 wrote:
> carl@xu-mobile1:~/felabs/sysdev/toolchain/crosstool-ng-1.5.1$ ./ct-ng build
> [INFO ]? Performing some trivial sanity checks
> [INFO ]? Build started 20091122.141722
> [INFO ]? Building environment variables
> [WARN ]? Directory '/home/carl/src' does not exist. Will not save
> downloaded tarballs to local storage.
> [EXTRA]? Preparing working directories
> [WARN ]? You did not specify the build system. That's OK, I can guess...
> [ERROR]? Missing: 'i486-linux-gnu-g++' or 'i486-linux-gnu-g++' or
> 'g++' : either needed!
> [00:01] / make: *** [build] Error
> carl@xu-mobile1:~/felabs/sysdev/toolchain/crosstool-ng-1.5.1$ gcc -v
> Why can't it resolve the path to where gcc is located?

I've never used crosstool-ng, but above output seems to complain about missing
g++, while you showed us you have gcc installed. And it does not imply you have
working C++ compiler.


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