Mac OS X compiling

Ryan Govostes
Mon Nov 16 20:23:00 GMT 2009

Hi Yann,

I'm trying to use crosstool-NG on OS X  to build for the x86_64-elf target. I haven't gotten very far yet so I'll let you know how it goes once I make more progress, but first I thought I'd ask about a few things:

1) crosstool-NG's configure script rejects OS X's sed because it doesn't support GNU's -r flag, as you note on your website. However, the FreeBSD version does support -E, which would appear to do the same thing. What do you think about having configure autodetect the correct flag to support FreeBSD-based systems better?

2) configure also searches for GNU libtool at `which libtool`, but on OS X this is Apple's libtool. The GNU libtool is on the system is installed, but is named glibtool. Likewise for glibtoolize. However, configure provides no means of specifying this.

3) It looks for the 'stat' command to get information about files. Net/FreeBSD's stat does not support the -c flag, which causes errors. It does support -f for specifying a format, but the format strings are very dissimilar. >From what I can see, you are using %F, %a, and %i for file type, access rights in octal, and inode number, respectively. These are a little harder to get, but they seem to be supported.

4) Are there specific features of gawk that are required such that plain awk can't be used?

If it seems reasonable to roll in patches to the build scripts to support these changes, I'd be glad to help put the changes in.

Ryan Govostes
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