Linkage between toolchain and linux kernel

Dimitry Andric
Sat Nov 14 21:32:00 GMT 2009

On 2009-11-14 20:56, Zvi Vered wrote:
> In order to build a toolchain with ct-ng-1.5.1, one should specify the
> kernel version.
> What is the linkage between the toolchain and the kerenl under which
> the application (built with new toolchain)) works ?

The linkage is the minimum version of the kernel that your C library
(usually glibc) will be able to support.  This is because system calls
may vary between kernel versions, and glibc needs to know what the
lowest common denominator is.

> Example: Can I use a toolchain built with headers to compile
> an application that will run under 2.6.29 ?

You could do so, but there is no guarantee the executables produced will
run.  If you would build your toolchain with 2.6.29 headers, the
resulting executables would run fine under later kernel versions,

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