crosstool vs. crosstool-ng

Harold Grovesteen
Fri Nov 6 10:57:00 GMT 2009

I am new to this group, so I am likely asking something that is already 
understood.  So, apologies for bringing up possibly old topics.  
Recently I used crosstool to build a toolchain for s390 target on 
Intel.  Following that, I found this list list and started to see 
messages about crosstool-ng.  Downloaded it.  crosstool-ng I realize 
does not support s390.  But, crosstool seems to have stopped being 
enhanced at a few versions of the tools back.  To develop toolchains 
with more recent versions or gcc or binutils should I look at adding 
code to crosstool, or work on adding s390 support to crosstool-ng?

I guess I am really trying to understand the relationship between the 
two projects.

Harold Grovesteen

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