crosstool-ng: sstrip from buildroot no longer possible using svn

Joachim Nilsson
Sun May 10 14:49:00 GMT 2009


Recently the uClibc, buildroot and busybox folks migrated to git from Subversion. So the fetch method for the (extremely useful) sstrip tool is no longer available.

I tried changing from svn to git clone, but iirc git does not allow subtree clones.

The sstrip in buildroot is a big-endian friendly patched version of the original sstrip from elfkickers.  Maybe someone (me?) should take it upon themselves to host the sstrip tool in a convenient way (git-repo + tarball releases) outside of buildroot?

Another option could be to keep a source copy of sstrip in the crosstool-ng tree.

Let's see if we can brainstorm something useful!


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