Crosstool with SCTP

Dimitry Andric
Mon Jun 22 12:44:00 GMT 2009

On 2009-06-22 13:16, Dang Tan Hoa wrote:
> The following is the errors when i compile.
> sctpsrvt.c:17:26: error: netinet/sctp.h: No such file or directory

Most probably, you must install the SCTP headers into your toolchain.

> p/s: - Without using SCTP, i can compile and run by crosstool.
>        - Without using crosstool, i can compile and run my SCTP program.

You have probably installed SCTP headers on your system, so they end up
in /usr/include/netinet/, but you didn't install them for your crosstool

If you are using lksctp-tools, you will probably need to run its
configure script using:

  configure --target=powerpc-750-linux-gnu --prefix=/usr

and its make install using:

  make install DESTDIR=$SYSROOT

where $SYSROOT is the sysroot of your toolchain.

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