how to get target ldd ?

Sun Jun 7 16:56:00 GMT 2009


On Saturday 06 June 2009 09:09:02 peter wrote:
> I am having problems with a busybox ARM target I have build using ct-ng. 
>   None of the executables , including busybox, seem to work unless I 
> build them static.

What's the symptom ?
Do they segfault ?
Can you run a statically linked hello world ? A dynamic one ?
What does it say on the console?
Using glibc or uClibc ?

You did not give enough info to diagnose the problem...

> Is there a way to get ldd for the target system out of ct-ng?

Look in the archives, this has already been discussed...

The /problem/ with ldd (the one in glibc, at least) is that it tries to
_run_ the dynamic linker /lib/ with some environment variables
set, and this will print the libraries it finds _at_runtime_.

Obviously, you don't want to run your ARM dynamic linker on your dev
machine, as this most probably is some kind os x86.

If using populate as per your previous posts, what does populate -v says?

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