Build tips for arm cross toolchain

Fri Jan 30 18:45:00 GMT 2009


On Friday 30 January 2009 02:56:09 Jacky Lam wrote:
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Waiting for your answer to my other mail to see what's going on...

> BTW, I want to trace DUMA problem. However it is almost the end of the
> toolchain generation. Everytime I make a change to test, I need to
> cleanup everything and build again. It takes me several hours.

> I have tried to export the env variable RESTART to "tools" (this step

DUMA is in step "debug", not "tools".

> is appear in (ct-ng list-steps). But the script always complain the
> build process hasn't reach there after showing "Prepare working
> directories..."

You have to instruct crosstool-NG you'll want to save intermediate steps:
"Paths and misc options"
  --> "Debug crosstool-NG"
    --> "Save intermediate steps"

Then, build your toolchain as usual, the build will eventually break:
./ct-ng build

And when you want to restart, either do:
./ct-ng debug               # This will only do the "debug" step
./ct-ng debug+              # Will redo the debug step, and go on to the end
./ct-ng RESTART=debug       # Ditto

I'd like some feedback on docs/overview.txt: is it too complex? Should we
extend some explanations? Thank you.

Yann E. MORIN.

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