Build tips for arm cross toolchain

Jacky Lam
Fri Jan 30 01:56:00 GMT 2009

Jacky Lam 提到:

	The first problem is in The function ldflags()
assumpt the library extension to be .so. However, in cygwin, the
extension is .dll.a.

	Also, the resulting ldflags applied to link mconf has to put at the end
of the command line. Otherwise, undefined symbol will still be result.

	After I correct the above two, I can do menuconfig successfully.
However, I don't know how to make a generic fix for these problem that
will sure applicable to everyone. Sorry for that.

	BTW, I want to trace DUMA problem. However it is almost the end of the
toolchain generation. Everytime I make a change to test, I need to
cleanup everything and build again. It takes me several hours.

	I have tried to export the env variable RESTART to "tools" (this step
is appear in (ct-ng list-steps). But the script always complain the
build process hasn't reach there after showing "Prepare working

	Any idea?

> Dear Yann E MORIN,
>     The build for CYGWIN is so far so good except the following problem:
>     1) When doing menuconfig, the build script doesn't append -lncurses
> when building mconf. I have to manually add that.
>     2) Enable building DUMA will have error in CYGWIN, but even I open
> the full logging, it doesn't show any hints where is the error.
>     After disabling DUMA, the toolchain build and works fine!
>     Thanks!!
> BR,
> Jacky
> Yann E MORIN 提到:
>> Jacky,
>> All,
>>> Message du 23/01/09 07:39
>>> De : "Jacky Lam" I have successfully built the toolchain by
>>> crosstool-ng. (A really
>>> great tool. Although I still don't who to make it.....:()
>> Nice to see it helped.
>>> I plan to add CYGWIN host to this tool. Any advice before I start?
>> Look in the archives, there are some messages about making crosstool-NG
>> work under Cygwin. On the overall, run until it breaks, and try to fix
>> it. And eventually send patches! :-)
>> As of now (20090123.2000+0100), the crosstool-NG website is down.
>> I'm in transit in an airport and should be able to fix that in a few
>> hours when I'm back home. If I ever get there. The terminal has been
>> evacuated due to an unattended package, which incured a delay in all
>> incoming and outgoing planes. I've already been delayed at least an
>> so please be patient...
>> Plus internet access is really scarse, and this f*cking webmail
>> insisted on sendig html mails that got rejected by the sourceware
>> mail system. So don't expect much more from me in the upcoming
>> hours... :-(
>> Regards,
>> Yann E. MORIN.

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