ct-ng x86_64-host, but want ia32 binaries

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> Subject: Re: ct-ng x86_64-host, but want ia32 binaries
> Date: Thu, 29 Jan 2009 17:12:44 +0100
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> Doug,
> All,
> On Thursday 29 January 2009 16:45:42 Doug Reiland wrote:
>> I guess this is a candian-cross, but I am hoping this is a easy case.
>> My build system is x86_64
>> My host system is x86_64, but I want to treat as ia32/i686 in case I need
>> to move them to new server
>> My targets will be i686 and x86_64.
>> I see CT_CFLAGS_FOR_HOST being use in the core-gcc build, but I didn't see
>> a way set this via menuconfig.
>> I did try to edit crosstool-NG.sh and change where it initializes this and
>> try initializing this to -m32 to see if I get lucky, but I don't get past
>> GMP configure.
>> Anybody got a better way with ct-ng or am I going to have to do a full
>> candian-cross.
>> In the past (scripting days), I could just force --host to something i386.
> If you want your toolchain to generate x86 code, then you need to say so:
> "Target options" --> "Target Architecture" --> x86
> This will create a toolchain that does x86 (and only x86). You can then
> run the binaries on a x86, or on a x86_64 with 32-bit emulation.
> As of today, crosstool-NG does not know how to generate a multi-lib toolchain,
> because it becomes quite complex for certain architectures and certain C
> libraries.
> Eg. on ARM, you have:
> - opcodes: arm, thumb/thumb2, thumb/thumb2 with interworking
> - FPU: fpa, fpe2, fpe3, maverick, vfp, neon
> - endianness: big, little
> - and so on...
> which gives quite a bunch of comibantions... At least, uClibc is not
> multi-lib-aware, so you'd have to build [put big number here] versions
> of the C library. glibc may have some multi-lib-awareness, but it is not
> quite easy to build in this case. And you'd have to build the binutils
> target libraries for each combinations as well. Plus gdbserver...
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I want to produce a cross-compiler that executes on a ia32 host and produces ia32/i686 binaries
I want to produce another cross-compiler that executes on a ia32 host and produces x86_64 binaries.
The bad thing is I am being the cross-compilers on a x86_64 system.
The reason is I am sharing these cross-compilers across different development servers and I cannot be certain that they are all x86_64 servers.
I know this is a special case that can't be generically coded for in the scripts. Note, I am testing a build now that just might work. I had to force:
CT_CFLAGS_FOR_HOST=-m32 in crosstool.NG.sh
ABI=32 in gmp.sh
If this works, maybe we can expose these variables cooresponding .in files so they can be controlled via menuconfig.
Thanks for your response.
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