bare metal with C++ support?

Jeff Gray
Wed Jan 28 00:50:00 GMT 2009


A good solution at the moment is that he uses the -rtems toolset to
build his "bare metal" C++ application & run it on a bare minimum of
RTEMS. I presume C++ & its libraries would require things like memory
management, threads & a few other modules.

I see that RTEMS has a wide range of build options, so presumably a
minimal version would be pretty small.

He could set up his application to do the main work, just using RTEMS as
a bare bones executive. I know it isn't exactly bare metal, but the
memory usage would be pretty small & it's as close as he can get given
the limitations of the toolchain.


Joel Sherrill wrote: 
> The RTEMS Project ( provides
> prebuilt toolsets for various GNU/Linux distributions
> along with binaries for MS-Windows.  We use binutils,
> gcc, newlib, and gdb.  The targets are *-rtems* instead
> of say *-elf but the underlying source code is the same
> and the *-rtems* target is usually a close cousin of
> the *-elf* on the same architecture.
> With the RTEMS target, you are just going to get more
> functionality -- tasking, filesystem, TCP/IP etc.
> So when distributing tools they are in RPM. When
> testing to report to the GCC list, they are automated
> build scripts.  That's what I was referring to.

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