bare metal with C++ support?

Tue Jan 27 22:12:00 GMT 2009


On Tuesday 27 January 2009 22:54:18 Allen Curtis wrote:
> Using the sample configuration, such as armeb-unknown-eabi, does not  
> build g++. When you go into menuconfig, you are not given the option  
> to build any language other than C when you select bare-metal. I do  
> not see how this could just work....

Using 1.3.1, he? Try svn trunk, that's supported. Please also note that
this is marked "EXPERIMENTAL".

Also note that those bare-metal toolchains are /truly/ bare-metal, in
that there will be *no* C library at all in the toolchain, not even newlib.

From my understanding, a bare-metal compiler/toolchain is the strict
minimum to compile, build and assemble source code. You are then on your
own to provide "system support libraries".

For example, a bootloader does not need a C library to build (APEX at
least doesn't); the kernel should be buildable by a bare-metal compiler,
alas there's ACPI stuff that relies on the compiler setting some defines
that are available only on target tuples like *-*-linux-* (or so is my
understanding of the issue). I managed to build a workable ARM Linux 2.6.26
(or was it .25?) with such a truly bare-metal toolchain, but without ACPI.
Maybe I should poke the ACPI people about the issue...

Yann E. MORIN.

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