Build tips for arm cross toolchain

Fri Jan 23 19:04:00 GMT 2009


> Message du 23/01/09 07:39
> De : "Jacky Lam" 
> I have successfully built the toolchain by crosstool-ng. (A really
> great tool. Although I still don't who to make it.....:()

Nice to see it helped.

> I plan to add CYGWIN host to this tool. Any advice before I start?

Look in the archives, there are some messages about making crosstool-NG
work under Cygwin. On the overall, run until it breaks, and try to fix
it. And eventually send patches! :-)

As of now (20090123.2000+0100), the crosstool-NG website is down.
I'm in transit in an airport and should be able to fix that in a few
hours when I'm back home. If I ever get there. The terminal has been
evacuated due to an unattended package, which incured a delay in all
incoming and outgoing planes. I've already been delayed at least an
so please be patient...

Plus internet access is really scarse, and this f*cking webmail
insisted on sendig html mails that got rejected by the sourceware
mail system. So don't expect much more from me in the upcoming
hours... :-(

Yann E. MORIN.

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