Various patches

Andy Johnson
Tue Jan 20 21:41:00 GMT 2009


> On Tuesday 20 January 2009 22:03:19 Andy Johnson wrote:
> > The script doesn't handle the glibc versions with
> > an underscore very well (bash expected integer error).  I
> > have attached a small patch for that.  Instead of looking
> > for "not period" I changed the sense to look for numbers.
> > I initially tried to make it look for either a period or
> > an underscore, but that didn't work like I wanted (probably
> > because I did something wrong).
> What about this one?


It came through sort of hammered, but it's funny that my first
version used the posixly correct classes too, but I switched
to 0-9 because it was shorter.  It doesn't matter to me how
it gets fixed.  I don't know how severe it is as it doesn't
seem to be a show stopper, but I'll need to work through some
other issues before I know for sure.


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