ARM illegal instruction

Andy Johnson
Tue Jan 20 21:25:00 GMT 2009


> > I set the cpu type to match the processor listed from my
> > embedded device's /proc/cpuinfo (ARM922Tid), but both C
> > and Java programs die with an illegal instruction error.
> According to:
> the ARM922T is based around an ARMv4T processor.
> I'd expect the ARM922Tid to be the same as an ARM922T.
> So I'd set:
> CT_ARCH_ARCH=armv4t
> CT_ARCH_CPU=arm922t
> CT_ARCH_TUNE=arm922t

Actually, setting CPU and ARCH results in the compiler complaining
about conflicting values, so I went with just ARCH=armv4t which
seemed to solve the problem for now.

> Can't you upgrade?

I wish!


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