ARM illegal instruction

Andy Johnson
Tue Jan 20 15:46:00 GMT 2009


Where can I find a list of "supported subspecies" of arm
processors for glibc?  If I read the configure script right
then it would depend on directories, which don't seem to
exist.  So either there is no specific processor support, or
(more likely) I'm reading it wrong.  If I ever figure out
the right combination of words to query Google that might
help too, but for now that's a dead end too.


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On 1/19/09, Andy Johnson <> wrote:
>  I set the cpu type to match the processor listed from my
>  embedded device's /proc/cpuinfo (ARM922Tid), but both C
>  and Java programs die with an illegal instruction error.

I've had this when the C compiler was built for armv4t as it should,
but the libraries built for the (unfortunately) default CPU of armv5t,
which means clz instructions.

try a shot of --with-cpu=



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