Various patches

Andy Johnson
Wed Jan 14 23:13:00 GMT 2009

Yann (and anyone else interested),

The attached patch fixes two things and adds a third:

First, ltrace wouldn't build on PowerPC because in the
sysdeps/linux-gnu directory in the ltrace source tree
the powerpc directory is called ppc.  I added some code
in to create a symlink for it so it will
build now.

Second, selecting "Remove documentation" would cause the
build script to crash at the nearly last possible moment.
I rewrote the CT_DoForceRmdir function to just log a
message if the directory to be deleted doesn't exist
instead of throwing an error.

Third, to test the second change, I added a step after
"debug" called "finish", and moved the code in
after the loop that processes the steps from
into a do_finish function in functions.  Thus, it is now
possible to restart after the "debug" step to re-do the
final few things (clean and compress).

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