Crosstool-ng on Solaris

Sun Jan 11 22:21:00 GMT 2009


On Saturday 10 January 2009 23:29:02 Thomas Jourdan wrote:
> My bad, the default shell is KSH, not bash, which may explain why the
> braces are expanded. In the configure script, the shabang is /bin/sh,
> which points to ksh93.
> What must I conclude ? Does some of the ct-ng scripts use bash only
> functions, in which case the shabang is not correct ? Or wouldn't it be
> better to track and remove bash dependencies ?

./configure must be able to run everywhere, so it is using /bin/sh, which
ought to be a POSIX-compliant shell. Thus ./configure must be POSIXly
correct. I've tried to make it so, and it now works with both bash and dash.
I just tested with ksh, and yes, it breaks.

This all biuols down to one point: ./configure is not yet POSIXly correct,
and must be fixed.

Which takes us down to the other issue: allow user to tell ./configure where
to find some of the needed tools, such as:
./configure --with-bash=...

But let's discuss that on the appropriate thread...

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