Restarting a build and termcap

Andy Johnson
Thu Jan 8 17:28:00 GMT 2009

> > One of the gdb selections requires termcap, which isn't
> > downloaded and built.
> termcap is provided by ncurses, and that gets built, no?

It's dying before it ever gets to ncurses.  If ncurses does
provide termcap, then perhaps it should be built before gdb.
Specifically, it's at the gdb-6.8/common/sim/configure step.
I've patched the config and code to build termcap so the header
file and library are in the build tree, but it still is not
being found by gdb configure.  I even added the --libdir 
configure option, but it's not helping.
> > I'm trying some patches in
> > and to fix this, but I cannot restart the build
> > when I set RESTART=debug.  I get this message:
> [--SNIP--]
> > Since it takes hours to go all the way through, how can
> > I make restart work?
> ./ct-ng menuconfig
> "Paths and misc options" -->
> [*] "Debug crosstool-NG"
> [*]   "Save intermediate steps"

I knew it had to be something easy :-)


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