Patch for building Java compiler for version 4.3.0+

Andy Johnson
Tue Jan 6 21:17:00 GMT 2009


> Something like the attached patch?

I noticed in at least for single line if statements that
the syntax was "[ test ] && statement" whereas "if [ test ]; then
statement1; statement; fi" is used for multi-line blocks.  In this
patch you used the second form for a single line statement.  Is
this the preferred form going forward?  My patch uses the "old" form.

Also, I did get the config option working in, which since
this is gcc specific that seems like it would be the better place
(instead of in case another compiler is supported some day.
> > I don't know how to do a list of possible ftp sites to get the
> > ecj-latest.jar file, but another is at
> Added! :-)

I wasn't sure what the syntax would be.  I have added it to my patch.
> > Also, there is an additional configure option for gcc that I added
> > through menuconfig (--enable-java-maintainer-mode) that I'm not sure
> > how you would like to handle.  I'm guessing that you would rather
> > it in a config file rather than code it into
> What does it do? Is it sensible to have it:
> 1- always?
> 2- upon request (config option)?
> 3- only occasionally (set it in CC_EXTRA_CONFIG)?
> As I understand the option by its name, 3 seems the best way.

It's for editing libjava, so option 3 should be fine.  I didn't
put anything for it in my patch.

I'm using SVN version 1294 and it seems to be working so far.


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