crosstool-ng: where is a strategic place to tell crosstool-ng that sed should be gsed?

Tue Jan 6 19:15:00 GMT 2009

John, Dimitry,

On Tuesday 06 January 2009 18:39:17 Dimitry Andric wrote:
> John Utz wrote:
> > BSD sed doesnt grok '-r' and it's used all over the place in crosstool-ng.
> The (FreeBSD) sed option for extended regular expressions is -E, but a
> quick hack alternative would be to just do "alias sed gsed" in the
> beginning of the script. :)

Or better, a shell function defined from the calling shell, and that is
exported, such as:

---8<--- BEGIN ---8<---
sed() { gsed "$@"; }
export -f sed
./configure bla bla
make install
ct-ng bla bla
---8<---  END  ---8<---

As for awk, I'm quite sure we're already calling gawk, not plain awk (by
default, awk used to be mawk on my Debian box, so I had to explicitly call

> > What would be desired would be either some environment vars or some
> > configure time detection that does the right thing or a flag called 'use
> > BSD names for gnu utils'
> Just something like:
> SED="gsed"
> AWK="gawk"
> and replacing direct invocations of sed, awk, e.g. with ${SED}, ${AWK},
> and so on.

Which means ./configure should be able to:
- check for a tool
- accept command line options such as: --with-sed=/foo/bar/gsed
- set some VAR to the path of the tool
- sed ./ replacing @@VAR@@ with ${VAR}

That'd be great, but is currently low on my TODO, because ./configure is
hand-written, and has grown quite a bit out of control untill now... :-(
But if someone is willing to have a look... ;-]

Thus, the function trick would be a fast workaround.

Yann E. MORIN.

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