Patch for building Java compiler for version 4.3.0+

Andy Johnson
Tue Jan 6 15:54:00 GMT 2009


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> Andy,
> All,
> Please keep the ML in copy, that may help others...

I intended to, but the miracle that is Outlook (the miracle is
that it hasn't infected my computer today with something other
than itself) interfered.


> OK. Then we'll need a silent option:
> ---8<--- BEGIN ---8<---
>     bool
>     default y
>     depends on CC_LANG_JAVA
>     depends on CC_GCC_4_3_or_later
> ---8<---  END  ---8<---
> and then downloading and copying if CC_LANG_JAVA_USE_ECJ is set


I have not figured which file to put the configure option in
and have it work.  The two "depends" are set in different files.
No matter where I put it CC_LANG_JAVA_USE_ECJ is never set in
the .config file.  The build process dies when it tries to test
that variable.

I don't know how to do a list of possible ftp sites to get the
ecj-latest.jar file, but another is at

Also, there is an additional configure option for gcc that I
added through menuconfig (--enable-java-maintainer-mode) that
I'm not sure how you would like to handle.  I'm guessing that
you would rather put it in a config file rather than code it

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