crosstool-ng: where is a strategic place to tell crosstool-ng that sed should be gsed?

John Utz
Mon Jan 5 23:52:00 GMT 2009


I am trying to use crosstool-ng on OSX so i can do my linux dev work on my macbook (it's a sickness, i know).

I am currently using crosstool-0.43 on my linux box at work, so i am down with the whole crosstool thang.

For those as yet unexposed tp BSD or OSX, the gnu versions of tools like make and awk and sed are generally disambuiguated from the BSD versions by prepending a 'g' to the name; so gnu sed becomes gsed, gnu make becomes gmake, etc.

BSD sed doesnt grok '-r' and it's used all over the place in crosstool-ng.

What would be desired would be either some environment vars or some configure time detection that does the right thing or a flag called 'use BSD names for gnu utils'

I will probably have finished hand-hacking gsed in by the time i get an answer to this mail :-), but i figured it would be good to get the ball rolling for next time....



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