crosstool 0.43 for MPC8541 (e500)

Jim Martin
Mon Sep 15 21:40:00 GMT 2008

	I need to build a x86->MPC8541 (e500) cross toolchain, and I'd like  
to do it with crosstool. A request to Dan got a very quick reply  
pointing me at a posting from roughly a year ago ( 
), and a suggestion to ping the list for greater wisdom. My  
interpretation of that thread was to apply the patch referenced in the  
initial posting to the crosstool 0.43 release, but to change the  
target from powerpc-8540-linux-gnu to powerpc-linux-gnuspe and to use  
gcc-4.0.x rather than something newer. Is that still the prevailing  
wisdom? Any other suggestions? Also, would glibc-2.3.6 and gcc-4.0.2  
seem a reasonable combination if I were trying to build a 2.6.24  
kernel for the MPC8541?

	Any and all suggestions greatly appreciated! Thanks!

	- Jim
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