build failures with ct-ng

Lance Spaulding
Fri Sep 5 22:54:00 GMT 2008

Hi Yann,

Thanks for the reply.  I checked out the current trunk and was able to
build a working 4.3.1-based toolchain on a different (older) gentoo
machine.  I still get the same failure (missing config.sub) on the newer
gentoo box but I'm not sure why.  On both boxes, I'm using ksh as the
shell and both have the same version of autoconf (2.61).  Also I tried
both with and without OVERIDE_CONFIG_GUESS_SUB set but I still got the
error.  For now I'll just use the toolchain I built on the 2nd box but
I'd still like to figure out why the more current gentoo install fails
to build correctly...

Thanks again,

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