arm-unknown-linux-gnueabi ABI selection

Tue Sep 2 16:48:00 GMT 2008


On Tuesday 02 September 2008 15:15:16 Michael Abbott wrote:
> > Unfortunately, that's not easy to save samples without EXPERIMENTAL 
> > features, as, for example, EABI is still considered EXPERIMENTAL.
> Yes.  Why is that?  Would it make sense to mark EABI as not experimental 
> now?  Then we could address the next point.

As you have seen, EABI was not really useable until very, very recently!
If you say that it now works, I will mark it as being no longer EXPERIMENTAL.

> > Unfortunately again, all current samples use EXPERIMENTAL features... :-(
> Yah.  This is probably a bad thing ;-/

Yes and no. I prefer to have samples build with latest versions. That's my
point of view, though, and is mostly open to discussion. But on the binutils
side, releases are not coming very fast, and I try to keep up-to-date as much
as possible, to lower the cost of updating when the new release comes out.

On the other hand, not all components are using EXPERIMENTAL features, so
this is highly open to discussion.

> Is this fixable?

Once again, depends. Using relases is no more a token for stability than some
snapshot versions.

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