arm-unknown-linux-gnueabi ABI selection

Michael Abbott
Tue Sep 2 07:37:00 GMT 2008

> > recompiling binutils version solves the problem, here.
> binutils seems to cause the segfault

This raises an interesting issue.  

I used the most recent binutils point version (such a fractional version 
very much suggests work in progress) simply because it was in the samples 
config and I assumed, perhaps in error, that there was a compelling reason 
for using this point release rather than plain 2.18.

The issue is the question: if I just want to pick up crosstool-ng and 
build a stable working system, which versions of components should I be 
using?  This is very much a crosstool question, because the patch sets are 
of course different for each version of each component.

In fact, I see that *all* of the samples have binutils version 
selected.  My first thought is that this reenforces the idea that there's 
some reason not to use plain 2.18 ... but on reflection, perhaps this is 
just because Yann is always working on the latest release, and perhaps 
this is a mistake.

I see that the patch for 2.18 is quite different from the patch set in* -- do these patches need to be back-ported to 2.18, or do they 
arise from changes in the .50 release?

I will repeat my complete rebuild and test with binutils 2.18 (I'm not 
that excited about tracking the bleeding edge that rapidly, unless I have 
to, please) and report back.

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