RHEL incompatibility in crosstool-ng build gdb native script

Martin Guy martinwguy@yahoo.it
Mon Sep 1 08:35:00 GMT 2008

>         find "${CT_DEBUG_INSTALL_DIR}" -type f -name gdbserver \
>             -exec rm -fv {} + 2>&1 |CT_DoLog ALL
>  Unfortunately it would seem that my version of find does not understand
>  the + separator, and for a successful build this needs to be replaced with
>  \; instead.
>  I seem to remember encountering this problem earlier, elsewhere in this
>  script.  Certainly this use of + is not necessary!

Or, to avoid running "rm" hundreds of times,
        -print | xargs -d\\n rm -fv 2>&1 | CT_DoLog ALL


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