Error compiling for target=i386 on host=x86_64

Wed Jun 25 21:33:00 GMT 2008


On Wednesday 25 June 2008 22:23:21 agbanle wrote:
> i got bellow error why compiling crosstool-ng 1.1.2

Could you try to reproduce with the SVN trunk?

> on x86_64 host to i386 target :
> No rule to make target
> `/export/crosstool/targets/i386-pc-linux-gnu/build/build-libc/nptl/pthread
> _spin_trylock.o', needed by `lib-noranlib'.  Stop.

Is your target really an i386? Or is it a i686 (pentium2 and later are
i686)? If it is indeed an i686, can you try to use the bundled sample
i686-nptl-linux-gnu please?

The very few occurences returned by Google would suggest that the problem
is related to i386-related settings.

So, if you're running on a real i386 (and not some later gestalt), then you'll
have to track it down. Patches welcome, though! ;-)

If you're running on a later processor, try to set that. i686 is what almost
all recent x86_32 are. If the problem disapears, then I'd say keep it that way
(unless you have time to investigate, of course! :-) )

If you're already set up for i686, then we'll have to track it down. Last I
checked, the i686-nptl-linux-gnu sample builds fine on x86_64 (my machine is
a dual-core AMD64), and the generated code runs fine (at least in QEMU).

> My choices :
> kernel, binutils 2.18, gcc 4.2.3, glibc 2.6.1, NPTL, hard float

This sounds very similar to the i686-nptl-linux-gnu sample. Care to send your
.config file, please?

Yann E. MORIN.

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