CT-NG: patchset for gcc-4.3.2

Carl Miller chaz@energoncube.net
Sat Aug 30 18:46:00 GMT 2008

I just downloaded gcc-4.3.2, and tried applying the crosstool-ng-1.2.1
patchset for gcc-4.3.1 against it.  All applied, though the following
had line number offsets in some files:


Attached is the patches/gcc/4.3.2 directory I generated.  It's identical
to patches/gcc/4.3.1, except for the above four files, which I regenerated
against gcc 4.3.2 so they apply cleanly.

Haven't tried building a toolchain with it yet, but that's next.  Just
thought I'd pass on this little tidbit now in case others are eager to
try out gcc 4.3.2.

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