Yet another cross-toolchain builder

Marc Kleine-Budde
Fri Aug 29 08:11:00 GMT 2008

Martin Guy wrote:
> I must be completely stupid.
> I've been in the cross-compiler game for 2 and a half years now and I
> only just found out that there is (and has always been) another
> complete open source cross-toolchain build system other than the old
> crosstool shell script and the crosstool-ng menuconfig thing.
> It's rather well hidden - the closest thing to a project page is
> and the instructions are almost impossible to find, in two PDFs under
> You need the "InstallingPtxdist" and "BuildingToolchain" ones to get started.
> I *did* find these through the existing documentation and website, but
> I can't trace my steps to figure out how I got to them (!)
> It looks very promising - a menuconfig-based thing like ct-ng, but
> more complete and less chaotic, does gnueabi but only goes up to
> binutils-2.17 gcc-4.1.2 glibc-2.5

check out:

which is to be used with ptxdist-1.99.6:

The newest toolchain is:

(which uses binutils 2.18, which could be newer)

cheers, Marc

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