Double the speed of ct-ng with CONFIG_SHELL=/bin/ash

Martin Guy
Mon Aug 25 21:01:00 GMT 2008

>  This gives an improvement in speed of about 6% here:
>   CONFIG_SHELL not set:         26'47.81"
>   CONFIG_SHELL set to /bin/ash: 25'11.60"

Strange. What's your box?
My measurements were on a 2x2GHz 32-bit AMD under Debian etch with 1GB
RAM (so hard disk speed was not an issue - everything was in cache)
using -j3 and with
/bin/sh -> bash (so the login shell and $SHELL were /bin/bash)
CONFIG_SHELL=/bin/ash ./ct-ng build

I was seeing 50% system time and 50% user time, and guessed what the
bottleneck was from the accounting logs: a million executions of sh
(though process accounting was off during the speed tests)


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