Double the speed of ct-ng with CONFIG_SHELL=/bin/ash

Martin Guy
Mon Aug 25 16:40:00 GMT 2008

Hi folks
  You can roughly halve* the time that a ct-ng build takes by saying:
CONFIG_SHELL=/bin/ash ct-ng build
  This is because bash is executed more times during a run, from
configure and from make, than all the other commands put together (!).
  Unlike $SHELL, this just overrides the shell used to launch shell
commands from "configure" and "make"
  You'll need to add one tiny patch (attached) in
patches/binutils/binutils-2.18 to rewrite a tiny bashism in a way that
is not poisonous to dash (the version of ash I have). I guess the
other binutils versions would need the same thing.

happy hacking!


*) the GMP build dropped from 230 seconds to 150, and is now hovering
at 108 seconds.
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