m68k Toolchain issues

Duane Ellis duane@duaneellis.com
Thu Aug 14 01:48:00 GMT 2008

J Silverman wrote:
> Hi All,
> I'm using the most recent crosstools to make a m68k toolchain.  It compiles successfully and I then go about using it to compile a Macintosh bootloader called EMILE (http://emile.sourceforge.net/).  When it reaches an assembly source file, it dies with an odd error:
> make -C first TARGET=m68k-linux
> as -I/home/g1powermac/Desktop/emile-0.12/first --defsym SCSI_SUPPORT=1 -o first_scsi.o first.S

>> It's as if the assembler doesn't recognize the m68k assembly code.  Does anyone know the reason why this is happening?

Your suspicions are correct.

1) It seems you are invoking the "host" version of "as" - and not the 
target verion of as., for arm that might be:  arm-elf-as, I'm not sure 
of the correct name for  your target, ie:  m68k-elf-as

The "un-adorned" name "as" is always the host version.

2) It seems - I do not have your makefile in front of me - the Makefile 
is not invoking "GCC" to assemble the .S file. By convention,  
.(little-s) is assembler, and .(captial-S) is first ran through the C 
pre-processor. That convention might not hold for the Makefiles you are 
working with.


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