Problem using crosstool building gcc-3.3.2-glibc-2.3.2 for powerpc-750

Brian Dessent
Mon Apr 14 13:22:00 GMT 2008

Stephan Zimmer wrote:

error:  invalid lvalue in increment

Newer versions of gcc are more strict than older versions, and as a
result you can't always compile old code with new gcc.  If you want to
build gcc 3.3 with gcc 4.1 you need to either first build an
intermediate version like 3.4, or patch 3.3 to remove the deprecated
lvalue casts (the feature which 3.2 and 3.3 used which was later
removed.)  It is arguably a bug that the old versions use lvalue casts,
but they ceased being maintained years ago so it's not like anything can
be done about it now.


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