Linux Montavista versus crosstool

Enrico Weigelt
Sat Mar 31 17:35:00 GMT 2007

* Cliff Brake <> wrote:


> Practically, you may run into problems with current user space
> utilities (like udev) requiring a recent kernel.  When I have 
> to work on a full featured system running the 2.4 kernel, it 
> is generally a lot of pain.  But, with simple systems you may 
> be fine. 

on 2.6 I didn't have any major problems yet. For example I'm 
building complete images for VPS'es with crosstool's toolchains.

> My strategy is always to use the latest of everything if possible. 

ACK. Mine too. When I'm doing some fixes, they're put to the
OSS-QM repository and sent to the upstream. Sometimes they make
it into the next release, sometimes it takes years ;-o

> If you run into problems, chances are there are people interested 
> in helping you fix them.

Well, at least for most packages. But there also are some projects,
which force you to use very old and outdated stuff like pre-2.51 
autoconf. Mozilla is one of the examples - they still don't see
why it's worth having a look at my autoconf-porting patches, also
my other patches for allowing to disable unused/unwanted stuff, 
kicking off third-party libs, etc. Strange people ;-o

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