Linux Montavista versus crosstool

Miroslaw Dach
Wed Mar 28 13:18:00 GMT 2007

Hi Cliff,

	Thank you very much for your opinions and suggestions. Probably 
very soon I will use the same toolchain for all (kernel and the 
applications). Right now as ai said I just wanted to have a quick start to 
see that something is working. 

I would appreciate also your opinions about toolchains. Which one you
would recommend to me. I would like to cross compile and to cross link all
on my PC (Scientific Linux 3) for power PC 405 processor.

Right now I have tried with crosstool which was quit easy to build. 
I do not know yet if the executables build by crosslinker work on my 
Xilinx board since I do not have it right now with me.

First of all I wanted to learn how to start with it.

Once again many thanks

Best Regards


On Wed, 28 Mar 2007, Cliff Brake wrote:

> On 3/28/07, Miroslaw Dach <> wrote:
> > Hi Cliff,
> >
> >         Thnaks for the suggestion. I understand the point. Righ now I just
> > wanted to have a "quick" test with montavista. The advantage wich I see is
> > the real-time kernel.
> >
> > What would be in your opinion the problem to use the monatvista kernel
> > with all the rest which is build with crosstool. What are potential
> > inconviences?
> Technically, the kernel and user space are very well decoupled.  You
> can generally use a different toolchain for kernel and applications.
> For a simple system, this will probably work.
> Practically, you may run into problems with current user space
> utilities (like udev) requiring a recent kernel.  When I have to work
> on a full featured system running the 2.4 kernel, it is generally a
> lot of pain.  But, with simple systems you may be fine.  My strategy
> is always to use the latest of everything if possible.  If you run
> into problems, chances are there are people interested in helping you
> fix them.
> Cliff

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