Linux Montavista versus crosstool

Cliff Brake
Wed Mar 28 13:11:00 GMT 2007

On 3/28/07, Miroslaw Dach <> wrote:
> Hi Cliff,
>         Thnaks for the suggestion. I understand the point. Righ now I just
> wanted to have a "quick" test with montavista. The advantage wich I see is
> the real-time kernel.
> What would be in your opinion the problem to use the monatvista kernel
> with all the rest which is build with crosstool. What are potential
> inconviences?

Technically, the kernel and user space are very well decoupled.  You
can generally use a different toolchain for kernel and applications.
For a simple system, this will probably work.

Practically, you may run into problems with current user space
utilities (like udev) requiring a recent kernel.  When I have to work
on a full featured system running the 2.4 kernel, it is generally a
lot of pain.  But, with simple systems you may be fine.  My strategy
is always to use the latest of everything if possible.  If you run
into problems, chances are there are people interested in helping you
fix them.


Cliff Brake

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