crosstool and staticly linked binary

Miroslaw Dach
Wed Mar 28 12:55:00 GMT 2007

Hi All,

	How to configure crosstool to build crosscompiler/linker
to build static executables including glibc.

I have build crosstools on PC (Scientific Linux 3 kernel 2.4 glibc 2.3.2) 
for PPC405.

I have written simple "c" program to print "Hallo World". After 
cross-compilation/linkage I have got an executable which is statically built 
except the glibc. If I use an option -static for the crosslinker it 
includes also the glibc.

So far so good. I have more complicated program which I would like to port 
to PPC405 and i requires to link the -lpthred -lm -lrt libraries.

When I apply the flag static it does not link complaining about the 
library libgcc_s. If I do not use flag static I get the executable with 
all libraries statically linked except the glibc. 

My question than is how to build the crosstools/crosslinker for static
binaries (ppc405) which include glibc.

I will be grateful for any suggestion


          Miroslaw Dach ( - SLS/Controls Group 
                PSI - Paul Scherrer Institut CH-5232 Villigen

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