Linux Montavista versus crosstool
Wed Mar 28 12:22:00 GMT 2007

> What would be in your opinion the problem to use the monatvista kernel 
> with all the rest which is build with crosstool. What are potential 
> inconviences?
The problem is that cross toolchains are non-trivial to get right most
of the time. If someone used a couple different options when configuring
and building the compiler or binutils, then binaries produced by the
toolchains may not match. Secondly, MV may have patches to the various
components of the toolchain that you do not have, so even if you get the
same binutils, gcc, and glibc/uClibc versions as they used, you could
still have incompatibilities.

Something else to consider is that the Linux kernel and user space are
fairly de-coupled. Does MV distribute any user applications or libraries
that are required to get the RT performance? If not, then you could
start from scratch and build your own cross toolchain and user space and
use the MV toolchain to build your kernel. The kernel does not care what
your user space looks like, only if it uses the syscalls and exposed
APIs correctly.


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