Problem with qemu

Mike Frysinger
Tue Mar 27 02:14:00 GMT 2007

On Monday 26 March 2007, Mederle Nicolas wrote:
>     I want use the Qemu simulator, but when I launch the qemu-ppc

you should post your question to the qemu mailing list as they'd be able to 
give you a much more correct/complete answer

> /    I suppose that qemu use the of ppc processor, so a elf
> file, in big endian, and not little endian. Must I convert the library,
> or the qemu-ppc have an option to define the mode?

you cant convert the library, you have to have both copies ... you just need 
to figure out a system locally where the target (ppc) are in some local path 
and have qemu use those
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