[PATCH] crosstool-ng: several patches

Enrico Weigelt weigelt@metux.de
Thu Mar 22 14:41:00 GMT 2007

* Yann E. MORIN <yann.morin.1998@anciens.enib.fr> wrote:


> Patch "confivars.diff"
>  - TOPDIR is already set in the Makefile, and is used for internal purposes.
>    The only reason why one would want to change this is for building
>    out-of-tree, which is clearly not supported (and never will be);

hmm, I just can't remember why I introduced this - there was some reason
for changing this ... ;-O

>  - IDENT: You're only creating a new variable which is used nowhere.
>    What's the purpose for this? 

Yes, this is an user-only variable, just to be used within other variables. 
This makes configuring bunches of toolchains easier.

I've got many toolchains (at least one per target). For new ones I take the
config from some template and adapt it. Other things, like pathes are using
this variable, so I have to change only this one, to get an new TC.

For example, my installations are all in: /opt/xcompiler/${SYSTEM}/ 

> Patch "cxa_atexit.diff"
>  - that one is surely a good idea. Maybe we could define to 'y' for glibc
>    and 'n' for uClibc (for now, a manual toggle is OK).
>  - applied.


At least we could be some bit more verbose in the description.
I'm not sure if it always has to be enabled on glibc and disabled on 

> Patch "incremental-build.diff"
>  - that one is also a good idea;
>  - an option to force full re-build would be great, as well;

An "clean" target seems to better to me.

>  - you're missing something, though: you have to remove the directory of
>    a failed step prior to trying to build it again;

What dirs do you mean ? The Build-Dirs ? 
I thought they're always removed before starting the build.
If not, we should add it.

>  - also, what if a step fails after it installed part of its files?

The skipping is based on tag files, which are only set after the install
is finished. So an incomplete install would probably leave a damaged 
installation, but on next make, the stage will be built again.

>  - this patch is a concatenation of a first, incomplete patch, with a second
>    patch above the previous changes. A single, plain patch would have been
>    easier to read! :-(
> Would you care reworking this, please?

Yeah, it was an working patch, not cleaned up yet.
(I was some bit under time presure ;-o)

> Patch "installprefix-label.diff:
>  - have you seen the comment for the option named INSTALL_DIR, just below
>    PREFIX_DIR? It is typically two different things:
>     - PREFIX_DIR is the directory into which the toolchain is to run from,
>     - INSTALL_DIR is the directory into which the toolchain is to be installed;

Ah, okay, I didn't think of that. I'm used to set the DESTDIR variable when
running "make install" - but we've got no separation between build an install

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